SolusWax Pro Resin (500ml)


Introducing SolusWax Pro, castable resin (500ml). More detail, better surface quality, faster and made to cast with regular wax burnout.  It’s a wax-based resin that is designed to make casting easier. No need for a special investment type and also no need for long post curing. This is the closest experience to wax casting from a resin on the market today.

  • Smooth print surface quality

  • No ash or residue

  • Short post curing time

  • Easy burnout & casting

  • Low shrinkage


Instructions & Burnout Schedule

Safety Data Sheet


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Weight .7 kg

1 review for SolusWax Pro Resin (500ml)

  1. Rik Juod

    Did another round of casting on Friday 8 pieces all on one tree – difficult pieces that I was getting 95% results with emerald. The cast came up 100% the sort of result I would expect from casting from injected wax pieces. Very happy with results. (Alex)

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