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Create brilliant looking pave’s on the surface of your designs

RhinoGold 4.0

Our online training videos are short and easy to follow

CrossGems Demo's & Tutorials

Checkout our free video demonstrations and tutorials of CrossGems software. We hope that the demonstrations show you the features and tools available for 3D jewelry design using CrossGems for Rhino. We recommend that you download the 30-day trial in order to get the most from the videos.


CrossGems Training

Our training in CrossGems & Rhino 3D covers most of programs features, including some of the more advanced commands. Our course is designed to reduce the learning curve, and enable jewellers to use CrossGems software to quickly design in 3D, produce high-quality renderings, and create pieces which can be cast in precious metals such as gold or platinum.


CrossGems for Rhino

CrossGems for Rhino makes it possible for jewelry designers and manufacturers to design, modify and make jewellery precisely and quickly via an intuitive interface that both simplifies and cuts down learning time. CorssGems is the evolution of Panther 3D, and is designed by jewelers for jewelers. The software includes a multitude of advanced tools which are ideal for experienced trade jewellers.


RhinoGold Software

Experience makes a Difference

We have over 19 years of experience using CAD for jewellery design, and in that time we have trained hundreds of students, from 18 year olds, to bench jewellers in their 60’s.  Rik Juod is a jeweller, designer, and a former CAD instructor at TAFE NSW, who utilises training techniques developed over years of teaching. When it comes to knowledge of CAD for Jewelry Design, we know the steps required for your success.


CAD Jewelry School Locations

Class-room based Learning

We offer class-room based RhinoGOLD training in most states of Australia.


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