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Photo-Realistic Jewelry Rendering

You may be like many Rhino 6 users, who have been struggling to achieve photo-realistic rendering from RhinoGold or MatrixGold.

Rhino’s Cycles is a suitable solution for product rendering, but not for jewellery. You may have noticed that the colour & light dispersion in gemstones & metals rendered in Rhino 6 look quite “flat” and “dull”. Cycles render which is used used in plugin’s like RhinoGold & MatrixGold, does not support caustics & dispersion which is required to generate photo-realistic rending of gemstones. 

Maverick Render is developed by the same company who developed Arion Render. 

Full Spectral Rendering reproduces rich, stunning colors and tones faithful to the optical characteristics of your materials. Gemstones & metals simulate light and reflection just like real-world objects.

Completely physically-based rendering ensures photo-realistic output all the way. Maverick can be regarded as a virtual camera that captures your digital world as if it was real.

Image-Based Lighting provides the easiest & quickest way to illuminate a scene with incredible details. Maverick Studio features a library of stock HDRIs (studios, indoor, outdoor) to illuminate your scenes easily.

Maverick is fully spectral, meaning it takes every wavelength of the visible light spectrum into account. This translates to richer, more vibrant & accurate colors than most render engines.

Maverick Studio features a library with over 1300 pre-made materials that you can simply drag and drop onto your models. You can control materials to an incredible level with coatings, scattering, translucency, and more.

Maverick has been built to run on NVIDIA cards, so most gaming laptops or desktops with an NVIDIA Graphics card are suitable. Expect a performance leap (5-10 x per GPU) compared to a CPU-only product renderer. It’s fast!

Import the most common CAD & 3D exchange formats flawlessly. Rhino 3DM (via Rhino 6 to Maverick bridge) STEP (SolidWorks, Fusion 360) , IGES, OBJ, & Alembic are among the supported formats. (SolidWorks Bridge coming soon).

Render final images even faster using the power of Nvidia’s Optix AI denoiser. It uses GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence to dramatically reduce the time to render a high fidelity image that is visually noiseless.

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