Solus DLP 3d Printer Software: Solus Contour


This software was developed exclusively for the Solus 3d Printer, packed full of features that allow the full functionality of the printer to be used with ease and peace of mind. Originally the Creation Workshop software which is a freeware opensource program was used with the Solus Printer but didn’t offer users a user-friendly experience, so the Solus Contour software was developed unlocking the full its full capability.


  • Hardware Acceleration
  • User friendly interface
  • Layer Previews(Displaying each slice of a model)
  • Support Detection(accurately detect islands that require supports in a print)
  • Resin Profiling(Optimized for B9, MJ-Waxcast, Solus-proto Resins and add resin feature)
  • Projector Shutdown(Shuts down the projector after a print is completed)
    Existing Solus 3d Printer Owners can purchase this upgrade for $149/Machine

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