RhinoNest 4 (excluding Rhino 5)

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RhinoNest 4 allows for the automated layout of any type of geometry to best fit pieces onto panels for CNC milling, routing or laser cutting. 3D Cut allows you to laminate 3D objects for laser cutting or CNC machines. Use one panel size or multiple panel sizes.  Specify the distance between pieces, and the distance between pieces and the border edge of a panel.

  •  Slice 3D objects into panels for CNC milling/laser cutting
  •  Slice surfaces, solids and/or meshes
  •  Define multiple panel sizes
  •  Define panels by material, dimensions, quantity in stock​
  •  Tabs allows you to connect pieces in the panel after cutting
  •  Automatically identify slices, text and/or simple trace text mode
  •  Slice surfaces solids and/or meshes
  •  Integration with Grasshopper

** Excludes Rhino 5 ** (if you do not already own Rhino 5, then you need to buy the RhinoNest 4 plugin inc. Rhino 5)

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