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Maverick Studio is the new rendering studio from the creators of Arion Render.

It features a fully unbiased, physically-based rendering engine, & includes a library of over 1300 pre-made materials that you can simply drag & drop onto your models. For jewelers using RhinoGold 6.6, MatrixGold, & Rhino 6, Maverick supports caustics & dispersion to generate photo-realistic renderings of gemstones & metals (this is the limitation with rendering in Rhino 6 cycles render). Maverick Studio features a library of HDRI’s (studios, indoor, outdoor) to illuminate your scenes easily.

Maverick is GPU-based for speed & performance, & requires a windows-based computer with an NVIDIA video card.

* Monthly subscription

* Rhino 6 users users, please download the Maverick/Rhino bridge plug-in, for info see here.

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