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Maverick Studio is the new rendering studio from the creators of Arion Render. It features a fully unbiased, physically-based rendering engine, & includes a library of over 1300 pre-made materials that you can simply drag & drop onto your models. For jewelers using RhinoGold 6.6, MatrixGold, & Rhino 6, & Rhino 7. Maverick supports caustics & dispersion to generate photo-realistic renderings of gemstones & metals (this is the limitation with rendering in Rhino cycles render). Maverick Studio features a library of HDRI’s (studios, indoor, outdoor) to illuminate your scenes easily. Quickly animate your scene with turntable animations which you can upload to your website or social media. This new release includes the new Rhino to Maverick one-click-button which will send your Rhino drawing over to Maverick for rendering. Maverick is GPU-based for speed & performance, & requires a windows-based computer with an NVIDIA video card. * Perpetual license (electronic download) * Please allow 24-hours for lic delivery. All lic’s are issued to your Maverick user account email address * Rhino 5 / 6 / 7 users users, please download the Maverick/Rhino bridge plug-in, for info see here.

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