BlueCast X ONE castable resin (500g)


X-One® is a castable resin developed and produce by BlueCast® for DLP and Monochromatic LCD machines. Thanks to the low temperature melting polymer it ensures a smooth surface finish and perfect lettering. X-One® was developed to allow perfect casting results with any kind of investments and burnout cycles. X-One® is the first castable resin with 0% shrinkage and an extreme dimensional stability.

  • No bleeding issue also on LCD machines.
  • The first real melt able resin at low temperature.
  • Excellent dimensional stability in time. No shrinkage (natural shrinkage will be compensated during print making polymer expand chemically).
  • Low viscosity (easier to clean, easier to get back from patterns).
  • Excellent adhesion to platform (adhesion layers are exposure layers x4 or even x3), no need for primer.
  • Toxic & carcinogenic free, Low fumes emission during burnout. Very low VOC and negligible smell.
  • Low fume emission during burnout
  • Finally, you can cast in any casting house/service every kind of pattern with text, engravings, micropavè etc.
  • You can choose either chemical post curing (longer wash in alcohol) or traditional washing and UV oven post curing. After chemical post curing the resin colour changes from dark green to grey/white to enable you to check if the piece is fully cured.



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Additional information

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm


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