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SolusPRO brings all the great qualities that the original Solus is knows for, such as  high resolution 3d printing, incredible print surface quality, low cost maintenance & consumables, and pushes it to the next level with: ease of use, no setup or calibration, high performance, reliability and so much more. It really is on the next level, and at the same time competitively priced.

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Ultra-high resolution and surface smoothness is what you can expect from the Solus PRO 3D printer. Coupled with incredible speed & performance, this machine is designed to keep up with your creativity and to help bring your ideas to life.  Solus PRO has a built-in industrial quality UV LED DLP projector, designed specifically for 3D printing applications. 


No setup or calibration is needed. The printer is ready to go out of the box, install the software & you are up and running in 15 mins. The large built-in color touch screen & intuitive user interface, is designed to make it easy as possible to send a print job to the printer via Wifi or a USB drive.


The built quality on the Solus PRO is top of the line. Industrial grade components, such as machined aluminum parts, highest quality custom bushings, extensively tested electronics and a top of the range UV LED DLP projection system, have all been engineered to provide a high level of reliability and incredible print quality.


A state-of-the-art printer deserves the right software. Solus Contour software is full of cutting edge features, that really unlock the full potential of the Solus. Featuring smart, optimized automatic support generation. It also allows for complete manual point-and-click support creation, automatic support editing, ring bottom supports and more.


SolusWax Pro is a wax-based resin that is designed to make casting easier.This is the closest experience to wax casting from a resin on the market today.


Easier to print and better castablity. 


Designed for jewellery prototypes, miniatures & sculptures. Developed to produce the smoothest surface quality and at the same time incredible resolution. The matte grey surface makes it easy to see the details, and it can be painted.

This print was printed at just 15 microns (1 hour & 30 min)


Turbo Mode is our high speed printing mode which is perfect for prototyping your designs and showing them to customers. We printed 16 x rings in just 17 minutes using our SolusProto resin. 


With a print area of 80mm (W) x 45mm (D) x 110mm (H) the only limit is your imagination. The large print volume of the Solus Pro allows you to print minatures, & larger items of jewellery such as bangles.


Technical Specifications:

  • 42 micron XY resolution
  • Down to 10 micron Z layer thickness
  • 80mm x 45mm x 110mm build area
  • 405nm UV LED projector built in
  • Wifi, Ethernet, USB transfer
  • Large easy to read Touch Screen
  • Supports 3rd party resins
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


What's the difference between the original Solus and the Solus Pro?

The Solus Pro does not need to be assembled or calibrated. It’s a plug and play, ready to go system. Also, it doesn’t need a tethered laptop. WIFI and the industrial UV LED DLP projector is built in. On top of that, it’s faster, more durable & prints at a higher quality.

What is Mill Mode?

Mill Mode is a super fine resolution of 10 micron Z layer prints (that’s 100 slices per 1mm of height). We call it Mill Mode because the surface quality resembles a CNC milled wax. It’s designed for ultra-smooth surface details for pendants and flat objects.

How fast is the Solus Pro?

Turbo Mode is our “draft” high-speed mode on the Solus Pro. We have done tests with some prints printing in under 15 min. This allows you to quickly test designs and show them off to your customers.

Any Questions?

Let us know if you have any questions at all regarding the Solus Pro or pricing. Please inquire below.

Hours of Operation
09:00am – 5:00pm

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