1. Setting up the Printer and Projector

Use care when handling the Projector and Solus 3d Printer, make sure that you do not get a fingerprint on the projector lens or the square little window at the front of the printer(where the projector beam will project the layers)

  • Attach the Bracket to the Bottom of the Projector
  • Make sure the lens is on the front of the projector

(in case it fell off during transit)

  • Slot the Solus 3d Printer into the Bracket that is attached to the Projector
    (The lens on the projector is for the 25 micron resolution, so put the 3d printer in the notches that has the projector the closest)
  • Plug your Projector into your Laptop/Computer using the HDMI/VGA Port
  • Plug the Solus 3d Printer into your Laptop/Computer USB Port
  • Plug the Null Modem Cable into the back of your Projector, and into the USB port
  • Plug the Power Cables into both the Projector and Solus 3d Printer

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