2. Change Your Computer Settings(Don’t miss a setting or you won’t be printing)

  • Turn on your projector (avoid looking into the light while it is on!!!)
  • Right click on your Taskbar, and click Properties
  • Untick the box that says “Show taskbar on all displays”
  • Right click on the battery icon in the right corner of your screen (Laptop users) and click power options
  • For Desktop users Right click the Windows Icon in the left hand corner of your screen and click control panel
  • click power options, and make sure that the settings are changed to these values:

    Change the advanced settings to the following:

    Click Save changes

    Only run a print cycle when the laptop is plugged into a power source or it might run out of battery during a print and switch off.

    Now Right click on the desktop and click display settings, click identify to make sure that your screen is selected as the main display,and change the settings to extend with multiple displays, so that the projector can operate on its own screen.

    Click apply and then click on the projector screen, and change the resolution to 1920 x 1080, click apply.

    Make sure you have the latest driver by downloading this tool, Installing, and running it to scan your pc and check all of your drivers:

    For Intel based graphics cards, right click the desktop and then click graphics properties and adjust the settings as the following:

    Click save profile, and type a name for your new configuration profile, then select it from the drop down list, and click apply.

    If you have a NVIDIA card, we need to check to make sure that your computer is going to use it for the 3d printing, or if it will run off the intel based driver.

    Right click the desktop and click on NVIDIA Control Panel

    Click on Set PhysX configuration
    If the green boxes with the projector model is located above “intel HD graphics” that means you have a NVIDIA card but the port you’re using for the projector uses the INTEL driver, so if you have followed the above steps correctly, you’re finished click here to move onto 3. Setting up and using Solus Contour:

    But if the green box with the projector model is above the NVIDIA Graphics card, follow the steps below.

    Make sure you have the latest NVIDIA driver by right clicking the icon(NVIDIA should be open, located in the bottom right pane where the clock is, click the arrow to see it) and clicking check for updates, download and install the latest driver, you then need to change your RGB settings and display settings like in the below pictures, within the NVIDIA control panel.

    If Windows Update updates your machine, your display settings may revert, so after a windows update, before running a print cycle, check the settings just to be sure.

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