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Adam Obeid

Trainer, designer, & creator of fine & unique jewellery, with personalised service by a master craftsman.

Adam Obeid has been making jewellery since 1972. As a master designer and jeweller, his work is of the highest standard and his reputation unparalleled. He has been commissioned to create unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces for a wide variety of high-end fashion firms, such as BVLGARI, CARTIER and others. He has also designed and created remarkable jewellery for both the Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti royal families. This experience, together with his worldwide knowledge, has provided him with an exceptional understanding of his trade.

By creating traditional and designer jewellery, as well as antique replicas and remodelled pieces, Adam has the knowledge and skill to create the perfect work of piece of jewellery.

Today, Adam uses RhinoGold for most of his creations. Using RhinoGold software he avoids the limitations of handmade jewellery. CAD opens up new ways to be creative and achieving results that not only economically effective, but are impossible to achieve by hand-makes.

Combining your bench experience together with your style of jewellery making, RhinoGold will take you back to the early days of your creations and the excitement you have experienced in making first piece of jewellery. Contact us today to book Adam for some one-on-one RhinoGold training.




3D Rendering




If you are a RhinoGold or Rhino user in Melbourne, please contact Adam  to discuss your training requirements. We can offer on-site training at your premises or ours at an hourly rate. If you are stuck with an urgent job we can come to you.

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