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Don’t have time to learn CAD?

Would you like to be able to choose from 1,000’s of components to customise your designs? Easily create photo realistic 3D renderings to send to your customers, then save your design for 3D printing to your own 3D printer or upload to your preferred casting house.

Thousands Pre-Made & Editable Designs

Browse from a large selection of jewelry components and easily edit them. Find Solitaires, Bands, Three-Stone Trinity rings, Halos, Clusters, Heads, Eternities, Shanks, Bezels, Heads, Clusters, Earrings, Bracelets, Elements, Pendants, & Jewelry by Text for customers who want name rings & pendants.


Your Production Centre

RhinoGold Elements are designed for manufacturing. Your designs are your own, so you can export your designs in STL format and use any 3D Printer available: Solus, Solidscape, Envisiontec, DWS, 3D Systems, Asiga, RapidShape, etc… Print your custom designed piece of jewellery in-house, or send it to any 3D printing company !



Explore more features of RhinoGold

What is RhinoGOLD? RhinoGOLD  makes it possible for jewelry designers and manufacturers to design, modify and make jewelry precisely and quickly via an intuitive interface that both simplifies and cuts down learning time. What makes RhinoGOLD different?

  • RhinoGOLD software is designed by jewelers for jewelers.
  • Intuitive tools that are quick to learn.
  • All of the tools have a real-time preview function.
  • A multitude of advanced tools which are ideal for experienced trade jewelers.
  • Includes a real-time renderer (compatible with 3rd-Party renderers like: Flamingo, VRay, Brazil and others…
  • An affordable price with NO MAINTENANCE FEES.
  • Training is available either via classroom / on-site / online.

Eternity Ring Builder

Create eternity bands in just a few clicks. Check out this awesome new tool and speed up your designing process!

Halo Studio

A new tool to create a halo layout around any gem or object. Easily adjust gem size, prong size, shape & quantity.

Cluster Studio

Create a classic cluster design around a gem in minutes. Easily adjust the gem size, bearing, prongs, wires, etc.

Under Gallery

Create your under gallery while hollowing your ring. Great for ring sleeves!

Dynamic Taper / Bend

Easily taper, twist and bend objects dynamically using Gumballs.

Link & Match

Easily copy the settings of a bezel from a round gem to a square or oval gem, and link other properties.

PAVE Automatic

This tool is now is the most powerful way to apply a pave on surfaces and/or on meshes.

Linear PAVE

Create a PAVE of gems, row by row along any surface. Easily adjust the size of gems when placing each row.


Apply an azure under your PAVE of gemstones.

Ring Wizard

Completely redesigned. Quickly create tapered ring shanks in US/UK/EURO & other international sizes. All editable parametrically.

Head Studio

An amazing tool to easily create heads/settings. Unlimited prongs types (round, square, oval, etc), rotate prong positions, unlimited sizes.

Channel Studio

Create full channel & half-channel eternity rings. This tool can also be used to create halo rings which are popular in engagement ring designs.

Signet Ring

Amazing wizard to create signet rings in a matter of minutes. Use the “Hollow Ring” tool to reduce metal weight.

Cutters in Line

Use the Cutters in Line tool to quickly create fishtail settings. Easily taper the cutters for halo-style settings.


Create a layout of your gems showing sizes and quantities for stone setting. Great for PAVE layouts.

Bezel Studio

Quickly build bezels around a variety of gem shapes such as round, princess, oval, emerald, etc. Your bezel will automatically resize if you change the size of your gemstone.

GEM Studio

The GEM Studio allows you to quickly add a variety of gem cuts: brilliant, emerald, trillion, oval, princess, pear, etc. You can specify gemstone size(mm), carat weight, & more.

Cabochon Studio

A new tool to create cabochon gems, fully editable settings such as; length, width, height, girdle height, angle of the base of the cab, etc.

Dynamic Polar Array

Make a circular array, spherical array or interpolate the elements between others. Watch the video to see an example of a spherical array.

Prongs In Line

Amazing tool tool to create prongs between gems. Great for creating shared claws on the shoulders of ring shanks.

Millgrain Studio

New tool to create a millgrain in seconds. The perfect tool to produce 3D renderings for your customers.

Pearl Studio

Use the Pearl Studio to create pearls, specify the calotte thickness, and the post wire diameter & length!

Hollow Ring Tool

New tool to create a millgrain in seconds. The perfect tool to produce 3D renderings for your customers.

Report Tool

RhinoGold Report will automatically calculate metal weights, gem quantities/sizes, & carat weight from your design. Now you can quickly produce accurate quotes for your customers.

Chain Studio

Use the Chain Studio for the rendering of pendants with necklaces. Simply create one chain element, and specify the rotation & number of elements.

Rope Tool

New tool to create a millgrain in seconds. The perfect tool to produce 3D renderings for your customers.

Dynamic Profile

Use the Dynamic Profile tool to quickly create organic designs from simple curves. Watch the video to see the possibilities using this tool.

Ring By Curve

Great for creating sweep-up bands & cathedral shanks. Easily adjust side taper, & size to US/UK/EURO & other international sizes.

Gems By Curve

Use the Gems By Curve tool to easily place a line of gems on the shoulder of ring shanks. Perfect for placing stones on sweep up or cathedral ring bands.

Curve Shell

Easily create an extruded object with a hollow inside from a closed curve. Specify the thickness of the wall and depth of hollow. Great for pendants!

3D Rendering Included

Create photo-realistic images and animations for your website

Integrated Render Studio

RhinoGold Render Studio for Arion is totally integrated into RhinoGold 5.0. Arion simulates the physics of light bouncing of metals or refracting through gemstones with ease.

Render Studio Presets

Automatically create photo-realistic images for your customers, showing variations of the same design in different metals and gemstones.

Animation Studio

Create photo-realistic videos to email to your customers, for your website, or sharing on Facebook and social media.

Clayoo Included

Create organic shapes like you are modeling in clay

Clayoo – Organic Ring

Easily push and pull clayoo surfaces like you are modelling with clay.

Clayoo – Octopus

Create smooth-flowing, organic surfaces along curves using Clayoo.

Clayoo – Elephant

Create photo-realistic videos to email to your customers, for your website, or sharing on Facebook and social media.

RhinoEmboss Included

Create 3D reliefs, engraving, sculpture & texturing.

RhinoEmboss – Medallion

Watch the workflow in RhinoEmboss to create a medallion.

RhinoEmboss – Greek Coin

Another time-lapse video showing how to create raised relief’s using RhinoEmboss.

RhinoEmboss – Carbon Copy

The RhinoEmboss Carbon Copy function.
Image credits: Rope Tool signet ring [image source: http://www.marinecorpsrings.com]

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