“Rhino Jewelery Studio – Training for Beginners“ is conducted in a classroom environment (4-8 people) via a data-projector. Training is 7-hours per day (14-hours total). This is the best option for beginners as we cover most functions including some of the more advanced commands, and we work through tutorials and exercises. 

Our Rhino training classes are designed to reduce the learning curve, and enable jewellers to use Rhino software to quickly design in 3D, & create pieces which can be cast in precious metals such as gold or platinum. Attendees should be comfortable in the MS-Windows Environment. Any previous experience in 2D or 3D CAD is helpful, but not necessary as this class is tailored for beginners.

If your have ever used Rhino, you know how difficult it is to create basic jewellery elements – even simple things like: ring bands, open ring shanks, bezels, prongs, head settings, etc.

Why is that?  It’s because Rhino is CAD for many industries – architecture, industrial design, interior design, boat building, shoe design, jewellery, & many other industries.Now if you are building boats, you don’t really need tools to be able to design jewellery, and this is the problem. Many jewellers who have decided to get into CAD, are frustrated with the lack of tools available in Rhino 6 to be able to easily design jewellery like solitaire rings, 3-stone rings, eternity rings, halo rings and the like.

This is the reason why there are several jewellery specific plugin’s for Rhino – the most notable is MatrixGold. It’s a great tool, but expensive (approx. US$7,900) for small jewellery studios, students, & sole traders. 


“So what do you get with our Rhino 6 Training?”

We have developed Rhino Jewelry Studio, which is a suite of jewellery builders for Rhino 6. This is supplied to all students who attend our Rhino 6 Essentials Training for Jewellers. If you already have Rhino 6, that’s great, if not, you can download a 90-day trial from the link below:


Do I have to buy any Software?

No. You can attend the “Rhino Essentials Training” without purchasing any software. You can install a 90-Day trial version of Rhino 6 software. It is a full functioning version that you can use for the training, and then you have a few months to use and practice in your own time.

At our training we will supply you with tools we have developed in Rhino to create: ring bands, shanks, gems, halo’s signet rings, & other builders to speed up and automate your workflow. These tools are valued at $400, but you receive them for free at training.  No need for expensive jewellery plugins!

If you already own Rhino 6 then you don’t need anything (Rhino 6 is $1,559 RRP but we do supply it at a discount for students who attend or book our training).


 Do I need a computer?

Yes. You will require your own laptop running Windows 7,8, or 10. Attendees should be comfortable in the Microsoft Windows Environment. Students with Apple notebooks will require Windows installed via Boot Camp.  If you do not have a laptop, we can supply one at $50 per day but we do have limited numbers.

How much does the course cost?

COST:  $790 inc.gst  (min 4 / max 8 people)

Training Dates

If you are interested in attending our RhinoGold training classes in SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, you can advise your interest in the form below.  This IS NOT a booking confirmation, your details will be added to our wait-list, and we will contact you again with training dates once we have enough people interested.

So what exactly will I learn over the 2-days training?

Day 1

  • What is Rhino?
  • Introduction to the Rhino 6 Interface
  • Basic commands in Rhino – my first model
  • Ring Builder Tutorial – 3 x basic wedders
  • Ring Builder Tutorial – Wave ring
  • Bezel Builder – Bezel set ring
  • Head (Claw) Builder – Eternity ring
  • Channel Ring Tutorial – Channel set ring
  • Channel Ring Tutorial – Half channel ring
  • STL Tools (for creating 3D prints of your jewellery)
  • Signet Ring with initials
  • Text on a ring



























Day 2

  • Prong Builder 
  • Dynamic Polar Array
  • Halo Studio
  • U Prong / Trelis-style Ring
  • Dynamic Profile
  • By-Pass Ring
  • Rendering your designs in 3D
  • Calculating metal weights




















See what our students have said

Just sending you a big thank you for the weekends classes. It was everything I was hoping for and more. I started doing the workbook last night and that’s been put together really well and easy to follow. Thank you again Tim (from Melbourne)

Great training! I have come a long way in two days, thank-you very much. You have a great aptitude for this. Rob (from Sydney)

Thanks so much Rik. I’m happy in my endeavours to move into this new world and where it may lead. You’re very thorough in your approach to tutoring so am glad to have met you.
Charmaine (from Melbourne)

Thanks for the great training on the weekend. Also I would like to purchase the rhino 5 version if possible. Thanks so much. Trudie (from Melbourne)

I just wanted to shoot you an email and thank you for the course it was great, I felt you explained things really well. Your years of teaching experience showed. Rick (from Brisbane)

About your Trainer

Rik Juod has been teaching Rhino 3D CAD software to jewellery students since 2004. Over that period he has trained hundreds of students; from teenagers through to bench jewellers in their 60’s. He is also a jewellery designer, and partner at smug designs, a contemporary jewellery design firm based in Sydney, Australia.

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