Solus Pro 3D Printer

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SolusPRO brings all the great qualities that the original Solus is knows for, such as  high resolution 3D printing, incredible print surface quality, and pushes it to the next level with: ease of use, no setup or calibration, high performance, reliability and much more. Ultra-high resolution (41 micron XY) and surface smoothness is what you can expect from the Solus PRO 3D printer. Coupled with incredible speed & performance. The large colour touch screen & intuitive user interface is designed to make it easy as possible to send a print job to the printer via Wifi or via a USB drive. The printer is ready to go out of the box, install the software & you are up and running in 15 mins.

* 12-months warranty

* 4-5 week lead-time for delivery



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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 78 cm


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