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  1. Katie says:

    Hi Rik,

    This is really neat but I can’t seem to get it to work. It saves only as a flat line in the user folder manager, and if I apply it in the ring wizard then the program crashes and closes. Any tips?

    • rikjuod says:

      Hi Katie. It sounds like it could be a couple of things. Firstly, just make sure you do the exercise in the TOP viewport, not the FRONT viewport. That may explain the flat line in the User Folder Manager. I recommend you open the User Folder Manager, then double click on the “flat line”, and then close the user folder. Can you see the Comfort Ring curve in your FRONT viewport? You can go to the RIGHT viewport and use your GumBall to rotate it 90degree. If that doesn’t work I recommend you just do the exercise again in the TOP viewport. If you can to delete the flat line from the user folder, just go the the User Folder Manager and select the flat line and click the [-] to delete it. Also make sure the curve is “open” at the bottom and the rest of the curve elements have been joined together using the join command (drawing tab). Hope that helps. Rik

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