The Rhino 5.0 training on is comprised of around 60 separate videos organised into 12 chapters, with a total running time of around 6 hours. The pace of training is good, and the clarity and the flexibility to learn at your own pace; as well as being able to re-visit completed lessons make the training a must have resource, especially if you are new to Rhino 5.0.

Rhino 5.0 is one of the most organised 3D software programs on the market, but if you’re nervous about learning CAD, here are some tips that might help shorten your learning curve and reduce your fears. Firstly, it really helps a lot if you can visualise in 3D, and being able to sketch is a bonus as well. Secondly, if you have ever used programs like Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop, then you’re already familiar with the same type of tools that Rhino 5.0 uses. Thirdly, any experience with 3D design software is an advantage but it’s not required. So if you’ve used a 3D design program before, even something like Sketch Up, then the process of learning Rhino 5.0 will be much easier for you. is a treasure trove of lessons in design, & they offer training in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, & lots  more. You also get access to the video training on Desktop, mobile, and tablet devices via free apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Best of all you get access to all of the lessons for FREE for 7-days, after that rates start at US$25 per month which is great value given to large amount of content and video training available. In fact they now offer nearly 2,500 video training courses on-line, with new courses added every week.

Get your 7-day FREE trial @ lynda.comAbout the Trainer

Dave Schultze is an industrial designer and trainer, who has developed products for companies like LG and Microsoft, and he’s won quite a few industrial design awards in the past. He has lectured at Otis College of Art and Design in L.A. for the over 10 years. He delivers training in an easy to understand style. George Maestri, Associate Program Director at Lynda. com, said “He’s terrific at making complex topics seem simple, and his visual skills make his courses engaging on a creative level as well.”


Back in 1994, when Lynda Weinman couldn’t find a book to recommend to her students, she decided that she’d write the first book on web design. The book went on to become the de facto textbook for web design of that generation, and it was adopted by many colleges. The book sold 100’s of thousands of copies, was translated into lots of languages, and really put on the map.


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