Are you like many Rhino 6 users, who have been struggling to achieve photo-realistic rendering from RhinoGold 6.6 or MatrixGold?

Rhino 6 Cycles Render is suitable for product rendering, but not for jewellery.

You may have noticed that the colour & light dispersion in gemstones & metals rendered in Rhino 6 look quite flat & dull. Cycles render which is used used in plugin’s like RhinoGold & MatrixGold, does not support caustics & dispersion which is required to generate photo-realistic rending of gemstones.

Maverick Render is from the same company who developed Arion Render  (which is included in RhinoGold 5 / 6). Random Control is a pioneer in the development of light simulation technology for 3D rendering. In 2006 they were the creators of Fryrender (one of the first physically-based render engines in the world), and in 2010 they released Arion Render, one of the first nVidia-accelerated render engines. Maverick Render is the result of those 15+ years of experience in the field of light physics simulation.

Maverick has been built to run on NVIDIA graphics cards, & you can expect a tremendous performance leap (5-10 x over CPU only-rendering solutions).

For users who are familiar with product photography, the camera’s in Maverick Render are physically based with the usual controls for focal length, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, etc. Depth of Field can also be controlled via a simple slider.

The software is updated every week or so, and there are some amazing feature planned. So what’s coming? Animation capabilities with easy options for basic turntables, object explosions in their parts, camera paths, etc…and a classic timeline with key framing capabilities.

We invite you to download and try the 30-day trial of Maverick Render.

The short video below show some of the features of Maverick Render Studio for people looking for a photo realistic rendering solution for 3D Jewelery Design.

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