What is RhinoEmboss?

RhinoEmboss is a plugin for RhinoGold that allows you to create relief’s, engravings, sculpture and textures.

The software enables you to create 3D models from images such as black and white clip art, logos, etc for different industries such as: jewelry, gifts, awards and trophies, medallions, furniture, ADA signage, and more.

For the Jewelry industry it can be used for filigree work , signet rings, family crests, corporate logos, etc.

RhinoEmboss is bundled with RhinoGold 4.0 or can be purchased separately and it requires Rhino 5.0. If you are an existing RhinoGold 3.0 user, you can upgrade to RhinoGold 4.0 which includes licences for RhinoEmboss and Clayoo (valued at: 495 Euro each).


  • Advanced tools to create relief’s from clip-art, logo’s, etc.
  • Advanced Profile and Brush Editor
  • Enables you to create raised or etched relief’s.
  • Over 70 brushes available, and ability to create more.
  • Speed up the creation of your designs using the Raster to Vector tool, this automatically extracts the outline curves from clip-art or scanned drawings rather than you having to create the curves manually.


   rhinoemboss-gold-emblem-01  rhinogold-rhinoemboss-gold-medal

   rhinoemboss-gold-dear-head-1 rhinogold-rhinoemboss-wooden-detail    



RhinoEmboss 1.0 – Tutorial 01 – Anchor on Vimeo.

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