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Create brilliant looking pave’s on the surface of your designs

RhinoGold 4.0

Our online training videos are short and easy to follow

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RhinoGOLD Demo's & Tutorials

Checkout our free video demo’s and tutorials of RhinoGOLD software . We hope that the demonstrations show you the features and tools available for 3D jewelry design using the software. We recommend that you download the 30-day trial in order to get the most from the videos.


RhinoGOLD Training - Class / Individual

Our training in RhinoGOLD and Rhino 3D covers most of programs features, including some of the more advanced commands. Our courses is designed to reduce the learning curve, and enable jewellers to use RhinoGOLD software to quickly design in 3D, produce high-quality renderings, and create pieces which can be cast in precious metals such as gold or platinum.



RhinoGOLD makes it possible for jewelry designers and manufacturers to design, modify and make jewellery precisely and quickly via an intuitive interface that both simplifies and cuts down learning time. RhinoGOLD software is designed by jewelers for jewelers. The software includes a multitude of advanced tools which are ideal for experienced trade jewellers.


RhinoGold Software

Experience makes a Difference

We have over 11 years of experience using CAD for jewellery design, and in that time we have trained hundreds of students, from 18 year olds, to bench jewellers in their 50’s.  Rik Juod is a jeweller, designer, and a former CAD instructor at TAFE NSW, who utilises training techniques developed over years of teaching. When it comes to knowledge of CAD for Jewelry Design, we know the steps required for your success.


Class-room based Learning

We offer class-room based RhinoGOLD training in most states of Australia.


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Jewelry Terminology & Design Guide

After studying traditional jewellery skills & techniques at a Technical college, and then learning CAD I’m convinced that it is easier to learn CAD with a jewellery background. Now this does not mean a person without traditional hand-making skills cannot learn...

3D CAD Jewellery Design Best Practices

Applying jewelry "best practices" for your CAD design & manufacturing processes, can make a huge difference to your casting results. Most of the time, your 3D design looks great on a your computer screen, and your 3D printed STL model looks perfect; but your...

Create relief’s & engravings with RhinoEmboss

              What is RhinoEmboss? RhinoEmboss is a plugin for RhinoGold that allows you to create relief's, engravings, sculpture and textures. The software enables you to create 3D models from images such as black and white clip...

How do I make a Knife Edge Band in RhinoGold?

  A number of customers have asked this question, so we have put together a short video below which explains how. The video is under 8:30 minutes long, and shows how you can create a custom ring profile, then add it to your library of shapes for use with the...

RhinoGold Channel Tool – change the quantity of stones

  The latest version of RhinoGold gives you several ways to control the quantity of gemstones in you ring channel. The default is that the software automatically calculates the number of gems based on the gem size and position in the channel, however you can...

RhinoGold Channel Tool Improvements

Question: Why is my channel flipped on it's side? The functionality of the RhinoGold channel tool has changed since we recorded some of our training videos. We suggested a change/improvement to the way the channel tool works, which has now been implemented in the...

RhinoGold Render Studio for Brazil

Top jewellery designers and artists from a variety of industries rely on RhinoGold Render Studio for Brazil for their 3D rendering work. Whether showcasing your latest jewelry designs, visualising a new ring, or generating images for your latest catalogue, Brazil can...

Review of Rhino 5.0 on-line training at lynda.com

The Rhino 5.0 training on lynda.com is comprised of around 60 separate videos organised into 12 chapters, with a total running time of around 6 hours. The pace of training is good, and the clarity and the flexibility to learn at your own pace; as well as being able to...

“Rhino for Jewelry” Book Review

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to get started, or wanting to further their knowledge of Rhino 5.0 for jewelry making. The step-by-step instructions in this book are thorough, detailed, easy to follow, and more importantly easy to understand. "Rhino for...

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